Q: What surfaces can you use Peel-Tek®150 on?

A: Following is a sample of some of the surfaces Peel-Tek®150 protects:
•Wood (treated and non-treated, porous and non-porous)
•Ceramic/Travertine Tile
Peel-Tek®150 easily adheres to both porous and non-porous surfaces while leaving no messy residue behind.  When using on rough, porous surfaces it is advisable to apply 2 coats to ensure easy removal.

Q: Can Peel-Tek®150 be used as a permanent surface coating?

A: No, Peel-Tek®150 is a temporary surface protective coating. Roll or brush Peel-Tek®150 on to the desired area needing surface protection and or masking, allow to cure and peel off upon completion of the project.

Q: Does Peel-Tek®150 contain VOC’s?

A: No it does not.

Q. What are some of the costs associated with surface damage that Peel-Tek®150 helps to avoid?

A. Following are just some of the real examples of direct cost of damage during construction:
•Tub repairs: $100 and up
•Tub replacement: $500 per tub and up
•Counter tops: $500 and up
•Toilet(cleaned/replaced): $75-$500
•Cabinets: $200-$2500 per cabinet
•Flooring: $250-$1200
•Windows: $250 and up

Q: Can Peel-Tek®150 be used instead of masking/painter’s tape?

A: Yes, in many instances Peel-Tek®150 can be used instead of tape as it adheres to hard to mask surfaces like stone and mortar as well as difficult to mask angles often making it a better option than masking tape. Peel-Tek®150 can also be used in conjunction with masking paper/plastic as it acts as a double sided adhesive sticking both to the paper/plastic and to the surface all while leaving no residue behind when removed.  Unlike tape, Peel-Tek®150 can be left on the protected surface for weeks and still peel away cleanly.

Q: Does Peel-Tek®150 contain Latex?

A: Yes, if you have known allergies to Latex it is advised you use caution and wear protective gloves when applying Peel-Tek®150.

Q:  Is Peel-Tek®150 environmentally friendly?

A:  Yes, Peel-Tek®150 is water soluble, non toxic, and acid free.

Q: How long can Peel-Tek®150 be exposed to UV rays/Sun before needing to be peeled?

A: No more than 5-7 days. Peel-Tek®150’s ingredients are degraded by prolonged exposure to UV rays making it difficult to remove.

Q: How long can Peel-Tek®150 be left on a surface if there are no UV rays?

A: 4-6 months.

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