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Zach Myers, TX

“I am a Co-owner of a Dart Frog Construction Company in Bastrop, TX and I first came in contact with Peel-Tek 150 at a trade show and thought what a great idea! Having been in the industry several years I have experienced the cost of having to repair or replace an item due to damage done to bathtubs, thresholds and countertops during the construction process. It’s costly and time-consuming! We started using Peel-Tek 150 to protect tubs, fireplaces etc. and mask all the inside windows of the homes we build, and I have to say that after several homes now done using Peel-Tek 150 I am very pleased with the results. The windows are protected from overspray of texture and paint, and I haven’t had a scratched tub since using the product! My make ready cleaning crew has also commented on how much easier it is to get their job done! I highly recommend Peel-Tek 150 to anyone wanting to save repair costs due to damage during construction.”

Corey Mack, TX

“I stain concrete slabs for a living, both new construction and remodel. Until Peel-Tek 150 came along I wrestled with masking on my stained floors because masking tape removes the finish and leaves damage that I have to repair which cost me both time and money! With Peel-Tek I don’t have that issue, it doesn’t pull up the finish or leave any residue! What’s more, I have no bleeding issues. I still use tape from time to time but for the most part the majority of my masking and all my surface protection is with Peel-Tek 150! Definitely another tool that I use in my arsenal of tools as a professional!”

Jonathan H

“Amazing Product! Love the easy application and removal!”

Muriel Tolerico

“This product is AMAZING! We’ve been using it as a protectant on very porous rock and stone and the results have been just as advertised. We are painting monuments with lot numbers carved into the stone, not wanting to paint the lot numbers we use Peel-Tek in place of tape, once applied and the product dries, we paint away, with no concern for paint that drips on the area covered by the Peel-Tek, when we are finished we peel off the Peel-Tek and Voila! How Perfect!”

Whitney Scott, WA

“We were first-time home buyers and our house came with many projects, which included painting the entire interior. Peel-Tek was such a wonderful lifesaver. We were able to keep a lot of the hardware on and still paint! It is very easy to use, quick and a ton of fun to peel off!”

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Scott Halbert- Owner/President

Scott is an extremely creative person who has been self-employed nearly all of his working life. With over 35 years’ experience in the construction/building and business developing arena, Scott has built, and helped to develop several successful companies including a pre-cast stone veneer manufacturing company, a retail flooring outlet, a convenience store and a liquor store.  He is very good at developing products for market and creating manufacturing techniques that are effective and economical.  Scott has worked in his companies in R&D, sales, installations, management, purchasing and all other phases of taking a company from the ground up. Peel-Tek™ 150 was developed by Scott due to needs he had while remodeling a home in California and the frustration of not being able to find a sufficient product to fit his protective and masking needs.  Scott took his 35 years’ experience in the construction industry along with 20+ years of working with various rubber compounds and created a product to fit his needs as well as the needs of the industry.

Kirk Sumner- Vice President

Kirk Sumner is a master builder in the Bastrop, TX area with 37+ years’ experience in the building/construction industry with talents that include furniture making, building custom decks, remodeling – commercial & residential and custom home building. To his credit, Kirk has been an entrepreneur the majority of his life and has owned multiple businesses including Kirk Sumner Custom Homes, K&K Oilfield Outfitters, LLC and Endless Pool Installation. When Kirk was first introduced to Peel-Tek™ 150 by Scott and began using the product on his current project, he knew that this was an endeavor worth taking on.  Kirk found many more uses for Peel-Tek™ 150 then even Scott had considered and a partnership was formed!

Peel-Tek in action

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Liquid masking for construction and
complicated projects of all sizes

Masking a swimming pool
with Peel-Tek 150

Protective masking full brick wall
for construction project with liquid mask

Construction project surface protection damage prevention with liquid mask seal


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